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Tapir ...

started editing the Game Types page.
just began thinking of different types.
not sure how you intend to do this ...
do you want to link just list links to the puzzles on the CI Forum?
i'll go ahead and start to compile the location of Rube Goldbergs ...
and see how we want to go about linking to them.

Griztalk 18:58, 14 April 2009 (UTC)

let me know how you want to set up pages
once i see the direction you want to go, i will be happy to do the filling
work for you ... search out the levels and compile links, etc.
just let me know how i can best help. Griztalk 00:18, 15 April 2009 (UTC)

These are the main columns I'm planning to setup:

  • User Mannual - Mainly maintained by me, but you can help me correct some syntax errors, etc.
  • Terms Glossary - Everyone can put a define here, it is best put a detail page link to the related user mannual section if the section is availabe
  • Tutorials for editor. There will be many content in this column, so it is best to distribute all content into many small pages.
  • Tutorials for CI player. I think there will not be many content in this column, so I am prone to putting all torutials in one single page.
  • Tutorials for CI forum. I am also prone to putting all torutials in this column in one single page.
  • Tutorials for one single page, too.
  • Game Types, list of current found game types, along with the type inventor and the first design (and more typical designs) of each type.
  • Design Patterns, list of some design patterns, which can be used in all kinds of games, along with the pattern invertor. Sometimes, a design pattern will creat a new game type, it is best to put links pointing to each other between the game type page and design pattern page.
  • Design Ideas, some good ideas can be categoried in neither game types column nor design patterns column.

thanks. will pass on this info to jn244, who wants to help wherever he can. Griztalk