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(This tutorial is mainly contributed by MCC at Color Infection Forum: http://forum.colorinfection.com/comments.php?DiscussionID=4538)

About Phyard Viewer

Phyard Viewer is used to play the designs made by Phyard Builder. Originally Phyard Viewer is called Color Infection Player and Phyard Builder is called Color Infection Editor, for the phyard designs created at early days are all Color Infection levels. You can play this game to get an impression what are Color Infection levels: http://www.kongregate.com/games/tapir/color-infection.

Nowadays, with more and more features added in Phyard Builder, many levels created with Phyard Builder can't be called Color Infection levels any more. But for compatibility, Color Infection levels are still supported in Phyard Builder.

Color Infection Level Rules

Lightbulbh.png How to Play

In the Color Infection world, there are many different kinds of colored shapes interacting with each other at the same time. The color of a shape determinates its function. In this list you can see the colors of the shapes and their corresponding meanings.

Staticl.png Static: These shapes are pinned to the background and will never move.
Movable.png Movable: Unlike static shapes, these shapes can move all over the map.
Breakable.png Breakable: Breakable shapes can be destroyed by clicking on them. They're essential for solving any puzzle.
Infected.png Infected: They can infect Uninfected and Don't Infect shapes by colliding with them.
Uninfected.png Uninfected: They will become Infected when touched by an Infected shape.
Dontinfect.png Don’t Infect: They will become Infected when touched by an Infected shape as well.
Bomby.png Bomb: These shapes will explode when you click it, propelling all of the surrounding shapes away from it.

All of the shapes mentioned above are called "CI shapes" (CI is the abreviature of Color Infection). However, there exists another kind of shapes in Color Infection: The non-CI shapes. These shapes can be of any color, and can be either static or not. They cannot infect other shapes nor being infected.

Lightbulbh.png Goal

As previously mentioned, the goal in Color Infection is to infect all of the yellow shapes with brown color, but keeping the green shapes uninfected.

However, puzzles are not the only kind of level that exists in Color Infection; rube goldbergs, machines, ragdoll games, pinballs and many other fantastic designs have been created by other designers for the joy of all of the Color Infection lovers. An amazing world of infinite possibilities awaits you! Please search in the forums for designs created by other users to get a better idea of the potential of Color Infection, and check out the Forum and Editor sections of this tutorials once you're ready to create and share your own designs!

How To Use Phyard Viewer

The Phyard Viewer is a simple, easy to use program created for watching and playing the custom designs made by users. The Player consists of a window where the level is displayed, and a couple of buttons above it that allows you to control the simulation. Following is a screenshot of Phyard Viewer.


As you can see in the screenshot, there are some of buttons at the top of the player. These buttons have different functions:

Playbutton.png Play Button: You can see this button when the simulation is paused or hasn't started. Click on it to run the simulation.
Pausebutton.png Pause Button: You can see it when the simulation is running. Click on it to pause the simulation.
Restart.png Restart Button: You can click it to restart level in level running.
Speedbar.png Speed Bar: Controls the speed of the simulation. The five rectangles represents the 3 different speeds (x1, x2 and x4). The blue rectangle shows the current speed (click on a yellow rectangle to change it).
Zoomout.png Zoom Out: Zooms out the Player's screen.
Zoomin.png Zoom In: Zooms in the Player's screen.
Viewer-ui-help.png Help Button: Displays some basic help about how to play Color Infection.

Lightbulbh.png While playing levels in the player...

Vineta.png Click Pink Breakable.png shapes to destroy them.
Vineta.png Click Bomb Bomby.png shapes to make them explode.
Vineta.png If the game world is bigger than the Player's window, or if you have zoomed in, you can click anywhere on the screen and drag to scroll around the map.
Vineta.png If the level's designer has enabled the Source Code, you can right click the Player and select "Copy Source Code" to save it on your clipboard. With the Source Code you can edit and play around with the level in Phyard Builder.
Vineta.png There may be many other interactive things in a level rather than pinks and bombs, including keyboard events, clicking stuff... possibilities are infinite!