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(This tutorial is mainly contributed by MCC at Color Infection Forum: http://forum.colorinfection.com/comments.php?DiscussionID=4538)

About Color Infection Forum

Color Infection Forum is a place for color infection lovers to communicate and share their own puzzles and designs. It runs on Vanilla open-source forum by Lussumo. Thanks to this forum, color infection users can collaborate with each other and the forum by sharing their designs and improving their ideas to make many enjoyable games and puzzles.

Link to the forum: http://forum.colorinfection.com/

Joining the forum

To start commenting and sharing your designs at the forum, first you have to sign up. It is very simple, it will not take you more than a minute. Everything you need is an email adress.

  • First, go to Color Infection Forum and click the Sign I link at the upper right corner, and then Apply for membership.
  • Once there, just fill in the small form with your email, username and password and click the Proceed button. Remember that when you sign in you are agreeing to the Terms of Service of the forum.

And it is done! Now you can join our community and contribute with color infection. The first thing you should do is to start a new discussion introducing yourself and, if you want, post a design you have made.

But remember there are a few rules to keep in mind before you do anything... these rules are the same basic rules than most of forums. If you spam or disobey any of the Terms of Service, you will get a warning from the forum moderators. If you keep disobeying the rules, you may be categorized as spammer (no one will see your comments) or even get banned. Hopefully, if you contribute with the forum and don't spam these won't be inconveniences for you.

You should also take a look at this: About how to use this forum. It contains a couple of advices and info for using the forum and the list of the currently supported forum's features. And these are the very basics of the forum. Now you can start creating and sharing your own color infection levels!

Some basic concepts


When you make a new thread, try remembering to put it in the correct category. The different categories are listed here

Member Roles

New registered members will get a Member role.

Advanced Members are members that have the ability to remove their own comments and have access to some threads that normal members can't see. If a member is an advanced member is determinated by the moderators. To become an advanced member you must be active in the forums, don't spam and contribute with color infection.

Moderators are members with some administration rights, such as remove spam comments and block spammers.


Start Discussion and Make Comments

To start a new discussion (thread), click the Start a new discussion link on the upper left of the page. When starting a new discussion, there are a couple of things to keep in mind: • Put your thread in the correct category. • Make sure that the title reads what's inside the thread. Titles such as "new level", "new idea" or similar are not accepted! Also, make sure you don't write the whole title in caps.

You can comment in a discussion thread at the bottom of the discussion page.

You can whisper a comment or discussion to somebody by writing his/her username in the "Whisper your comments to" text box above "Enter your comments". Now the comments/levels you put there can be seen only by the user and you.

Some Text Formats

  • [b]Text Content[/b] will be shown boldly.
  • [i]Text Content[/i] will be shown italicly.
  • [u]Text Content[/u] will show a line under the text.
  • You can make a spoiler by using this grammar: [spoiler=Text Title]Text Content[/spoiler], where the Text Title and Text Content are replaced with what you want.


Chat Room

You can enter the chatroom by clicking the link at the left of the page, below the Who's Online list. Please make use of the chatroom if the person you want to talk with is in the Who's Online list. Using the forum for chatting is considered spam.

The chatroom runs on phpFreeChat, http://www.phpfreechat.net/.

Who’s Online List

This is a list where you can see what users are online at the moment. This information proves very useful; writing a comment to a member who is still online is a sure way to know that he/she will answer right away!

Sign Out

You can always click the link at the top right corner to sign out. Once you sign out, your username disappears from the Who's Online list. If you do not sign out, don't you worry, the system does it automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity!

My Profile

You can edit your own profile clicking on the Account tab on top.

Personal Information

You can find the Personal Information link on the left of the Account page. From here you can change your username, email adress, account picture and icon, among other things.

The Categories Tab

If you want to search for something in a determinated category, you can always go to the Categories tab and select the one you want. For example, you can search for tutorials in the Help and Advice category before you make a question that has already been answered.

The Search Tab

Click on the Search tab on top of the forums for searching a determinated thread/comment. Just write some key words in the textbox, select between 'Topics', 'Comments' or 'Users' and hit 'Search'. On the upper right of the search page you will find an "Advanced" button; you can make advanced searchs where you can specify the category and author of the thread/comment you're looking for.

Find all levels made by the same author

Firstly, click on the name of the member who made the levels you want to see. You will appear in his/her account tab. On the left of the screen you will find some links that will help you find the user's levels and comments (Find topics started by User - Find all User's comments - Find posts that mention User - Whisper to User)

Forum Preferences

In your account page, you can find the Forum Preferences link on the left. Here you have some different options for the forum that you can adjust according to your wants.

Bookmarking Discussions

You can bookmark discussions by clicking the "Bookmark discussion" on the left while you're in a thread. This way, the thread will always stay in the first page. You can Unbookmark a bookmarked discussion the same way.