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(UNDER CONSTRUCTION) Basic Tutorial(UNDER CONSTRUCTION) Make a simple game tutorial(UNDER CONSTRUCTION) Multiplayer game tutorials
A case study - Controlling JointsA simple design describes the basic entity components
AcknowledgementsAndroid App Development WorkflowsBall sorters
Basic TutorialBasic tutorial (v1.00)Block puzzle
Build the app file for AndroidBuild the app file for iOS
CISandboxCIUsersCar build challenge
Color InfectionColor Infection Forum FAQContraption build challenge
ContraptionsCore API ReferenceCore API Reference: Array
Core API Reference: BooleanCore API Reference: Code Flow ControlCore API Reference: Entity Common
Core API Reference: Entity GeneralCore API Reference: Entity JointCore API Reference: Entity Task Status
Core API Reference: Entity TriggerCore API Reference: Entity Type JudgmentCore API Reference: Number Bit-wise
Core API Reference: Number ConversionCore API Reference: Number GeneralCore API Reference: Number Interpolation
Core API Reference: Number RandomCore API Reference: Number TrigonometryCore API Reference: Number Usual
Core API Reference: ServicesCore API Reference: Shape AppearanceCore API Reference: Shape Brothers
Core API Reference: Shape CommonCore API Reference: Shape ConnectionsCore API Reference: Shape Contacts
Core API Reference: Shape GeometryCore API Reference: Shape Image ModuleCore API Reference: Shape Physics Dynamics
Core API Reference: Shape Physics PropertiesCore API Reference: Shape Text
Core API Reference: Shape Type JudgmentCore API Reference: StringCore API Reference: System
Core API Reference: World CameraCore API Reference: World Collision CategoryCore API Reference: World Create Entity
Core API Reference: World GeneralCore API Reference: World IOCore API Reference: World Level Status
Core API Reference: World PhysicsCore API Reference: World SceneCore API Reference: World Script Calling
Core API Reference: World SoundDefinitions Of Design, Game, Design Type, Design Idea And Pattern
Design parttern avoid infecting temporarilyDesign pattern use pink as blue temporarily
DominoesDownload the Androud APK file of your designDownload the Flash SWF file of your design
Drop BounceEdit properties for design file downloadingGame Resources And Resources Making
History ChallengesHow to create a simple dominoHow to create an Android app from a Flash .swf file with Adobe AIR SDK
How to create an iPhone app from a Flash .swf file with Adobe AIR SDK
How to implement Color Infection rules from scratch
How to make a semipermeable membraneHow to make money with your designs
How to publish your app pacakgesHow to sign an unsigned Android app package by yourselfHow to use OnShapeContact event handlers
IPhone App Development WorkflowsInstall devlopement toolsKnown Problems
LabyrinthsLevel StatusLink title
List Of Design Ideas And PatternsList Of Featured Games & DesignsList Of Open Rules
Main PageMake a circle gravity field
More Resources LinksMove a shape with the mouseMultiplayer Tutorial: Tic Tac Toe
Open Rule: Color InfectionOpen Rule: Expand And Contract And Push
Other Game Making Softs And ServicesParticipate In Developing Color Infection EditorPhyard Builder (a.k.a Color Infection Editor) User Manual
Phyard Builder UI Elements
Programming: Prepare The Development EnvironmentRoadmap
Rube GoldbergsSave data to user's computerSome Online Programming Tutorials
Some simple example designs by using the trigger systemSorter build challengeTerms Glossary
The Game IndustryThe Programming WorldTutorial: Collison Categories
Tutorial for changing object settings (v1.00)Tutorial for using Color Infection forum
Tutorial for using Phyard ViewerTutorial for using slider joints (v1.00)
Tutorials for using Phyard.comTutorials for using Phyard Builder (a.k.a Color Infection Editor)
User Manual: About The Trigger System
User Manual: Basic Vector Shape ComponentsUser Manual: Coding With Piapia LanguageUser Manual: Collision Categories
User Manual: Color Infection Shape ComponentsUser Manual: Condition & Action Components
User Manual: EntitiesUser Manual: Entity & Entity Pair Selector Components
User Manual: Event Handler ComponentsUser Manual: Functions & Variables
User Manual: Game Design, Level Design & The WorldUser Manual: Image & Image Button Shape ComponentsUser Manual: Image Assets
User Manual: MultiplayerUser Manual: Other Controller ComponentsUser Manual: Overview
User Manual: Piapia Language Introduction
User Manual: Sound AssetsUser Manual: Text & Text Button Shape ComponentsUser Manual: The UI of Phyard Builder
User Manual: World Properties
User Manual Joint Components