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Rube Goldberg
A deliberately over-engineered apparatus that performs a very simple
task in a very complex fashion, usually using a chain reaction.

Rubes at Color Infection

Rube Goldbergs are a very important part of Color Infection. There have been made many different and enjoyable rube goldbergs in the forum, including a couple of different styles/types of rube:

These are chain reactions using little rectangles as dominoes, balls and many kind of items, most commonly to make a yellow ball collide with a brown rectangle and finish the level. These levels are what one would call a real rube goldberg machine.
Chain Infections
Levels where most of the shapes are yellow. A brown shape starts infecting one of the yellow shapes, which then infects another yellow shape, and so on until the level is finished.
Bouncebergs are a type of rube goldbergs where there is a ball with restitution 1 that bounces all over the map until it reaches its goal.
Ball sorters and other "automatic" levels
Some players consider some other type of automatic levels (this is, levels that doesn't require the player to do anything) as a rube goldberg. This includes many fun levels such as ball sorters, mining levels, factories...
Add on rubes
These are not a type of rube but a design idea, a rube made by many people at the same time. A player starts making a rube and posts it in the forum with source code enabled. Then other players can add stuff to it, continuing the rube where the last editor left it, until the rube is finished.



-Chain Infections


-Ball sorters/Others

Background Info:

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