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The Phyard Builder (or Color Infection Editor) project code is open sourced now. The code is under New BSD license mainly. Please view the LICENSE or License.txt files in subfolders for detailed licenses. Here is just a simple license overview:

 /res: CC0 License (Public Domain)
 /src: New BSD License
 /external/helper_classes_as3: MIT License
 /external/box2d_as3_v210: zlib License
 /external/box2dflash: zlib License
 /external/box2dex: zlib License

Install SDK prerequisites

Prerequisited SDKs:

  1. Java SDK (JDK)
  2. Apache Ant
  3. Adobe Flex SDK 4.6

Clone The Project

This project is hosted on Github and managed by the git.

First, install git.

Then you can clone it by running

 git clone

Build The Project

Before building this project, you should create a "" file for Windows OS or a "" file for other OSes under the project top folder. Then add a line "Path.FlexSDK=<Path-To-Flex_SDK>" in this file to tell Ant where Flex SDK is installed. For example:


Then, run the following command to create a release editor file in ##release folder.

 ant release-editor

Run the following command to create a debug editor file in #output-editor folder.

 ant compile-resource
 ant debug-editor