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Color Infection is a game based on 6 colors of blocks.


Staticl.png Static: These shapes are pinned to the background and will never move.
Movable.png Movable: Unlike static shapes, these shapes can move all over the map.
Breakable.png Breakable: Breakable shapes can be destroyed by clicking on them. They're essential for solving any puzzle.
Infected.png Infected: They can infect Uninfected and Don't Infect shapes by colliding with them.
Uninfected.png Uninfected: They will become Infected when touched by an Infected shape. Make them all Infected to win!
Dontinfect.png Don’t Infect: They will become Infected when touched by an Infected shape as well. DO NOT let this happen!
Bomby.png Bomb: These shapes will explode when you click it, propelling all of the surrounding shapes away from it.

Example level

Here is an example of a Color Infection level. Please note: This level has a trick: Gravity. The arrows indicate the direction of gravity. Kind of pointless for the level, but the creator "did it for a test if [he] could use the trigger system."

To solve release brown, green, brown, green, yellow.

CI Extended

CI Extended is an unofficial name for CI levels with new features (like the gravity system in the above level). Here's another (simple) example. The black will un-infect greens (and yellows too!) and you can win the level (It's impossible without it). Note: The black object's ability was made using triggers. You need to use the two triggers on the left or else it will not work!

Solution (read it backwards): !ti stcefninu kcalb eht ,neerg eht tuoba yrrow t'noD .kcalb eht neht ,nworb eht esaeleR

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