Known Problems

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Some old designs using register variables may doesn't work in newer Flash Players

(already fixed in v2.10)

Press CTRL+SHIFT+K to convert register variables into global variables may resolve this problem.

Some old designs doesn't work in newer Flash Players

Flash Players broke the compatibility. This is mainly related with float point number calculations. This is hard to fix now.

For IE on Windows 8+, when click the bottom of a flash window, the context menu won't show

This is a known bug of Adobe Flash Player or Windows IE.

There are still some shape penetrations even bullet option is checked

An example (press z to rotate. And the hinge performs differently for small and big shapes.):

Flip And Scale API May Cause Some Weird Joint Behaviors In Playing

So it is best not to flip or scale joints.

Switch Coordinate System Bwtween Left Hand And Right Hand

Now, many API callings are not supported well when switch the coordinate system from left hand to right hand, or vise versa.

So it is best not to do this if your design contains programming elements.

Call Some Physics Related APIs In OnLevelBeforeInitializing Event Handlers

(This problem is removed since v1.56)

OnLevelBeforeInitializing event handler is the only event handler type will be executed before physics engine is built.

So calling some physics related APIs in a OnLevelBeforeInitializing event handler may crash game playing. Some other API callings will do nothing in a OnLevelBeforeInitializing event handler.

Sound Variables Are Useless

There is a sound variable space, but there is no way to ever have anything except null, since there is currently no Assign Sound API, and Type Common = doesn't take direct values.