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Adobe AIR SDK can package game resources into a mobile native app. It needs Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to run. The Ant build system is very helpful to build your app. It also needs JRE to run.

Install Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

If you are a Java developer and have installed JDK (Java Development Kit), the JRE is already installed, for JRE is included in JDK.

Please google on how to install JDK for your OS.

Install the Apache Ant build system

  • Download it here:
  • Unzip it
  • Modify system PATH environment variable by adding the bin directory under the Ant installation directory into it. The ant command in the bin directory is needed to build your apps. (Please Google on how to add and modify system variables)


  • on Linux, you can run sudo apt-get install ant or sudo yum install ant or other system specific package to install ant.
  • on Mac, if MacPorts is installed, you can run sudo port install apache-ant install commands to install ant

Install AIR SDK


  • Adobe has interrupted the development for AIR SDK Linux version.
  • Adobe updates AIR SDK often, so please get the latest version before building mobile apps.

Install Git And Other Tools


  • for Windows, you can open a git shell (mingw) from the context menu of File Explorer to run git commands
  • the official git client for Windows includes many useful Linux tools, such as ssh, tar, openssl and scp, etc.
  • for Mac and Linux, please make sure OpenSSL is also installed.