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About Color Infection

After I decided to dive into the online game market, I made my first official game Teleporter Twins in one month. Although it is not very popular, it actually got many fans. It also made me gain many experience on flash game development. When I was planning what would be the next game to develop, I found some great flash games: Magic Pen, Totem Destroyer, DUI and Ragdoll Cannon. They are all based on the powerful box2d physics engine (developed by Erin Catto and many other developers) as3 porting (ported by BorisTheBrave and some other developers). I also found a cool software, phun, which is desktop software to create wonderful physics scenes. These findings are so amazing that I decided to make one my own physics game also based on box2d. One month later, pDecathlon (Color Infection Prelude) was released. It is not a great game, but it gave me many experience on the wonderful box2d physics engine. Two month later,Color Infection 1 is released. It was surprisingly popular. It made me recognize the potential of physics games and I decided to make a sequel.

When developing Color Infection 1 and Color Infection 2, I often felt my design ideas are run out. At the same time, many great physics games are sprung up: Fantastic Contraption, Boombot, 99Bricks, Splitter, Incredibots and and Super Stacker. It seems the great ideas are infinite. Especially the releasing of Incredibots, which is like an online version of phun, made me astonished.

I know, the age of Game 2.0 is coming. This was why I delayed the releasing of Color Infection 2 and decided to improve the Color Infection Editor. At the last day of 2008, Color Infection 2 and Color Infection Editor 1.0 were released. Along with the releasing of Color Infection 2, Color Infection Forum was also built up for designers to communicate. Since then, many great design ideas and valuable feature requests are sprung up in the forum and made (and are making and will make) heavy influences on the development of new Color Infection Editor versions.

About the later development of Color Infection Editor, I have decided to make more emphases on game logic instead of physics.

- Tapir

About Color Infection Wiki

Color Infection wiki is a place for casual game designers share knowledge about phyard builder (before v1.50, it is called Color Infection Editor).