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A place to practice editing wiki pages as well
as ask questions about the wiki markup language.

you can't hurt anything here ...
so practice your chops here to see if it turns out
like you want before editing an actual Wiki article.



to link to an outside url ...
enclose the url in single brackets
ie ... []
this will display here as [1]
which isn't really very helpful or clear.
however, if we use [ Color Infection]
with a space after the link address ...
we end up with Color Infection
now we know where the link will take us.
to link to another page on this wiki ...
all one has to do is enclose the page name in double brackets:
which then gives us Main_Page.

This is in triple ' tag This is in double ' tag

This is in double square brackets

This is in double = tags

--Vincent 11:12, 3 February 2011 (UTC) (actually - - ~ ~ ~ ~ w/out space)